Enviat per: SRC | 10 Abril 2008

Un esdeveniment important, el “European Info Day”

european info day Trobareu informació sobre aquest esdeveniment a: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/etap/ecoinnovation/infoday_en.htm

I, a més, us podreu descarregar el pdf del programa.

“Thursday 8th May, Brussels: if you are eager to know more about the €28 million funds set aside to co-finance eco-innovation this year, this event will the opportunity to hear it directly from the people who assess the eco-innovation proposals. Bringing together representatives of the institutions and the business world, the European Info Day”.

“Applying for Eco-Innovation funding is a competitive process, and only the best project proposals will be selected for funding. The European Info Day 2008 will give you essential information and advice on how to develop a good project proposal and apply successfully. It also offers the chance to find project partners from across Europe, exchange views and share expertise. Event date and location: Thursday 8th May 2008 in the EU quarter of Brussels”.

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